Any of these descriptions and can be modified based upon the needs of the audience, and fully-customized keynotes can be built based on the interests and needs of the client.


Inspiring Our Teachers as Learners

One of the most beautiful and rewarding things about teaching is that the learning never stops. As a teacher, you hold the great responsibility of unleashing learning for your students, but how much emphasis do you place on ensuring your learning never stops? How can teachers stay energized and inspired? Our students need teachers who are passionate about lifelong learning and who teach and learn in support-rich, local and networked environments. Through this conversation, Lyn will share the power of personal and professional learning through networked opportunities, the importance of crafting and engaging with a PLN of passionate, connected educators, the possibilities for innovation and creativity in today’s classrooms, and the importance of honoring teachers’ passions and doing what’s right for kids, day in and day out.


Innovative Professional Development that Honors the Professional

This keynote is designed for administrators and those who design & facilitate professional development.

Professional development in its traditional form can neglect to honor the strengths, needs, passions, and goals of today’s educators. Building upon tenets of adult learning theory and the strategies that help social learners be successful, schools can design, organize, and implement innovative professional learning opportunities for teachers and staff. No longer do teachers have to be subjected to "sit and get" faculty meetings or one-size-fits-all professional development. By harnessing the power of social media and other digital tools, administrators can plan anytime, anywhere access to information, tutorials, collaboration sessions, and practical applications that teachers can use to grow professionally. Let’s rethink traditional development structures and examine how unconference models, flipped faculty meetings, the inclusion of digital tools, and teacher-led learning can support educators’ professional growth.


Transformative Technology: Engage & Empower

Teachers and school leaders today have the opportunity to harness the power of technology to transform the way they learn and lead in classrooms and beyond school walls. Follow Lyn’s journey to becoming a connected educator and the techniques and tools used to build and nurture her professional learning network. We’ll explore the ways that various instructional technologies can help teachers design engaging learning experiences for students, provide students with choice and voice in learning, and connect students with local and global communities to engage in project work that matters.


Innovative Practices for Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is a hot topic and buzzword in educational circles today. But just what is personalized learning? How does personalized learning differ from personal learning? What roles do administrators, teachers, students, and community members play in personalized learning efforts? How also do we interpret the idea, “Pedagogy before technology?” Let’s explore how the integration of technology shapes and impacts the ways students question, research, create, and publish to authentic audiences, all while driving their own learning.


Thrive & Survive with the 4Cs for Teachers

Teachers who connect, collaborate, curate, and create position themselves to be supported in their work with students, develop and grow as professionals, and celebrate education. This session will explore the ways that teachers can connect with passionate educators via vibrant networks and engage and promote in collaborative peers with both locally and globally. We will explore ways for teachers and school leaders to curate resources to share with students, staff, and learning communities, and create in inspiring ways that honor learning!