#iPDX 2015

I had the pleasure of having Lyn be a facilitator at two of the events I run called AcceleratED and IntegratED Portland. She masterfully facilitated active learning in three workshops titled: 1) Beyond Just a Blog, 2) Developing Digital Learning Communities with Google+ & 3) Innovative Professional Development. Lyn worked to create creative and unique content, meanwhile leveraging her years of experience and professional learning community to offer the IPDX community a myriad of strategies to take back and use the next day. Our community is better off because they got to experience Lyn’s passion, expertise and willingness to help other educators (administrators & teachers) grow. I wanted to have Lyn back the following year but she chose to put her family first. A quality that some businesses may struggle with but I respect and adore the choice because I think it speaks to her values as a thoughtful, caring, responsible human being. We need more Lyns in education and beyond.