Lyn worked with two of our tech integration specialists and me to develop an agenda, review results of a teacher survey to differentiate sessions, and delivered quite possibly the BEST PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY EVER!! The agenda topics together with Lyn’s willingness to work with two of our tech integration people and to differentiate the sessions along the way resulted in an absolutely perfect day. Every single teacher who spoke with me the day after the PD Day told me that it was the best professional development experience they ever had. To the person, teachers reported that they left knowing how to use Google Classroom, that Google Docs and Forms are their new productivity tools that they are now using today in their classes, and that they are exploring which add-ons, apps, and extensions to begin using. In one day of professional development Lyn definitely changed the way our teachers will be looking at the way teaching and learning will be happening!! It is impossible for me to express my gratitude to Lyn for the impact she has had on our teachers! She infused them with the inspiration and encouragement to make a change for the better. And she demonstrated that using technology to engage learning can be creative and even fun for teachers too!