Support to a colleague and future leader

Lyn has helped advance my career and knowledge of edtech tremendously. I joined the ELANCO team 3 years ago and upon being hired at ELANCO, Lyn was right there ready to help answer questions, present edtech in my classroom not only to me but my students. Lyn was the driving force behind my class blog. She challenged me to take writing and teaching writing to the next level. Lyn graciously came to my classroom and showed my students and I how to blog. A little over a year after she ignited our passion for blogging, my students were finalists for best student blog and best class blog. What Lyn did not know was she stirred a passion for writing in a student that never thought of himself as a writer and has a learning disability in writing. This student happened to be me. We never know as educators when we will be that final piece in the puzzle that connects the larger picture for our students. Lyn, you were that final piece for this struggling student. Thank you.